Deploying and managing applications in the cloud is time consuming, labor intensive and requires specialized skills. Pressure mounts as deployment commitment dates delay, you realize you don’t have the right skill-set on staff and ROI is a dream in the too distant future.

Stratus’ Workload Services enables fast, easy and efficient deployments and management for all workload types in OpenStack based clouds with no specialized skill required.

Workload Services

Key Features

Reduce complexity, cost and human errors with Resource Tagging
Ensures the right underlying infrastructure resources are reserved and provisioned by tagging resources with service level definitions for availability, performance, location and even compliance regulations (PCI, HIPAA). These tags are associated with the deployment package options in the Service Catalog.

Gain efficiencies and standardization with Template Authoring
IT defines and creates templates for line of business consumption

Speed up deployments from days to minutes with the Service Catalog
Our workload centric approach provides a power user with a holistic view of the deployment packages instead of individual instances. This greatly simplifies the user experience and automates the common and complex human processes in deploying workloads.

Reduce operational cost by using only what you need when you need it with Intelligent Workload Management
Intelligent Orchestration automates workload placement and matches the application to the workload to deliver everything the application needs. If the needs of the application change, the workload also changes.

How we differ from OpenStack

OpenStack is a flexible and scalable cloud framework with many benefits. However, deploying and managing workloads in OpenStack is time consuming and labor intensive and requires special skills. What’s more, it lacks the availability needed to keep critical workloads up and running.

We harness the flexibility and scalability of OpenStack and augment it with availability, automation and efficiencies for reliability and fast and easy deployments that save time and money. No scripting, CLI commands, Python programmers or special knowledge is needed.


How Sold

Stratus’ Workload Services is sold in conjunction with Stratus’ Availability Services.