Do you have applications that need stateful continuous availability and others that need high availability or general purpose availability?  Perhaps you haven’t moved your critical applications to the cloud yet because you haven’t found a solution you can count on to deliver the availability you need…Or perhaps you don’t want multiple cloud solutions for different types of applications.

Whatever your availability needs may be, Stratus’ Availability Services optimize your ROI with one cloud solution for all your applications with multiple availability options to choose from, including stateful continuous availability.

Key Features

Achieve SLAs with no downtime, data loss or business interruptions with stateful continuous availability
Delivers stateful continuous availability with geographic redundancy and application transparency for virtualized and cloud environments for mission critical workloads

Optimize ROI with one solution for all applications with multiple availability levels
With multiple availability levels to choose from – stateful continuous availability, high availability and general purpose availability – you can utilize one cloud solution for all applications

Increase efficiencies with higher resource utilization
Increase resource utilization from the typical 33% – 50% to 80% – 90% while providing uncompromised reliability at a fraction of the resource cost with our unique Statepoint™ Technology

Use what you have with APIs
Already have a cloud workload manager but need to inject it with availability?  Availability Services integrates with existing private clouds and cloud management platforms so you can use what you already have

Stateful continuous availability in the cloud

Today’s clouds do not protect applications from transaction loss or degraded service when a compute resource fails. Because of this, only applications that can withstand transaction loss and fluctuations in service are put in the cloud.

Stratus’ approach is different.  We provide continuous, reliable cloud service by protecting ALL the resources necessary to run the application and by managing resource relationships.  The sum of these resources and their relationships is called “a workload”.

We protect transactions and quality of cloud service by replicating compute resources.  If there’s a failure on one compute resource, the 2nd compute resource continues to run.  Another way we achieve quality of service is with node evacuation. When a compute instance fails, it’s replaced with a healthy compute resource.

Typically, continuous availability is more expensive than high availability (HA) solutions and has some performance overhead.  Stratus efficiently delivers continuous availability with faster compute processing, at a lower price point, than other continuous availability approaches enabling better VM and server utilization.  Stratus’ Cloud Solutions are a cost effective cloud solution that provides continuous availability for approximately the same cost of HA, without the typical performance overhead of other continuous availability solutions.

Server Availability Cloud Services

How it’s sold

Stratus’ Cloud Availability Services is sold as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with Stratus’ Workload Services.