Stratus Technologies Strategic Partner Highlight: Rockwell Automation


Rockwell AutomationAs an explosive amount of data is being connected, and the resulting real-time information is driving profitability, it is critical for IA applications and IIoT data connections to be simple to operate, cost effective and continuously available – without any possibility for the loss of data or operation. That’s where the Rockwell Automation and Stratus partnership plays an important role.

Stratus paired with Rockwell Automation is the best combined server solution and Industrial Automation (IA) application for removing the complexity from availability while creating a secure Connected Enterprise.

Stratus delivers continuous availability for Rockwell’s FactoryTalk® View SE, FactoryTalk Historian, FactoryTalk ProductionCentre and other critical plant applications.

The Stratus promise to Rockwell and its customers:

Continuous Availability

99.999% continuous application availability without loss of data in flight

Cost Effective

Standards based platform and software deployable from the datacenter to the edge, manageable by non-IT staff

Operationally Simple

Prevention of downtime secures reputation, lowers cost and guarantees data integrity and compliance

Stratus has taken a holistic view of continuous availability, preventing unplanned downtime like no other platform vendor in the industry with a high focus on operational simplicity and cost effectiveness.