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Proactively Prevent Application Downtime with Stratus everRun®

Customize your availability environment

Easily adjust the availability level of each VM to meet your changing requirements and SLAs

Key Benefits

Select the levels of availability that maximize your revenue, safety, and return on investment

Cost Effectiveness

Only Single copy of licenses are needed (both in terms of OS snd application license)

Simplicity to achieve High Availability

No professional services needed for clustering configuration, data replication, patch management

Ease of upgrading to fault tolerant configuration

Just an upgrade fee and update for license key

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everRun Enterprise is downtime prevention software that enables business continuity and data integrity by keeping applications up and running with mainframe like availability on x86 servers.

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We chose everRun because it offered the best package overall. everRun offered real-time synchronization, which is key for our 24/7/365 operations, it’s cost effective, and required minimal training for our employees. Another winning factor was the simple implementation; we were set up within a matter of hours, not days.

Tony Quintenz

Director of Network Services, J.Knipper Company, Inc.

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