Canvassing Stratus’ high-level APAC briefing session

on Monday 25th September, we held our annual high-level APAC briefing session with industry experts and partners in Singapore. The gathering brought together delegates from multiple geographies to discuss Industry 4.0, Smart Cities and the rise of the IoT and IIoT across the region.

Moderated by Piers Hogarth Scott, National Practise Lead for IoT, KPMG, the expert panel featured industry leaders Dr Tan Guan Hong, Senior Director, Smart Nation Systems & Solutions, GovTech; Dr Chuah Jun Wei, Head of IoT/Data Science, Surbana Jurong; and Jason Anderson, Vice President of Business Line Management, Stratus.

Given the role Stratus plays in delivering continuously reliable infrastructure solutions for these environments today, it provided the perfect platform for thought leaders to exchange their experiences and views.

The integration of the IoT and IIoT into Smart City models was a prominent item for discussion, with strategies for today’s leaders to get future-ready. Dr Tan said that while the IoT and IIoT are two different concepts, they are key components of a culture shift that embraces failure. Dr Chuah shared his thoughts too on the end of the hype-cycle, and the importance of guarding systems against cyber security threats. Jason Anderson said education and training are fundamental ingredients in the IoT and IIoT journey.

“A big problem we’re seeing is confusion around how organisations can effectively integrate IoT and IIoT innovations into their business models. Transparency and education are key to helping people really embrace the ecosystem, starting with the basics and using terms people can understand.” Other key topics discussed include the need to develop talent with the skills to thrive in Industry 4.0; the rise of automation; and Singapore as an excellent Smart City model to export to the region.

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